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Says You! - A Quiz Show for Lovers of Words, Culture, and History

Says You! is public radio’s quintessential quiz show, aired weekly from coast to coast. Undeniably the warmest, wittiest cocktail party you’ll ever enjoy, whether there’s bubbly in your glass or in your personality. It’s spirited and civil, brainy and boisterous, with bon mots and badinage aplenty, peppered with musical interludes. If you could play badminton with words, it would sound much like Says You!. Fast paced and playful, it’s the most fun you can have with language without getting your mouth washed out with soap.

Take one word, add two teams, create three definitions and throw in a live audience. And, that’s Says You!, the last word in radio quiz shows since 1996. Curious listeners know our motto: It’s not important to know the answers…it’s important to like the answers.

Sep 17, 2021

From Lincoln, MA with host Richard Sher


Stereo Left: Carolyn Faye Fox, Arnie Reisman, Paula Lyons

Stereo Right: Tony Kahn, Francine Achbar, Barry Nolan


Rounds played in Back 9:

S3, EP 23, R3: Threesomes

S4, EP 4, R5: The Envelope, Please

S3, EP 16, R5: Great White Way-lin'

S3, EP 19, R2: Bluff (truel)

S3, EP 16, R3: Mind Your Manors

S3, EP 19, R5: Repulse Them, Repulse Them, Make Them Relinquish the Ball

S3, EP 19, R4: Bluff (peenge)

S3, EP 23, R5: Says Who?

S5, EP 20, R1: Stump Richard